Yong H Woo

Research Scientists

Now at Prof Christoph Gehring's group, KAUST.​

Research Interests

My research interests include biological networks and interactions, evolutionary genomics and gene regulation. I am currently focusing on evolutionary genomics of apicomplexan parasites by comparing them with chromerid alga.  As the first phase,  I am involved in genome sequencing project of two closely related photosynthetic algae, Chromera velia and Vitrella brassicaformis.

Selected Publications

​Woo YH and Li WH. DNA replication timing and selection shape the landscape of nucleotide 
variation in cancer genomes. Nat. Commun. 3: 1004

Woo YH, Li WH. 2012. Evolutionary conservation of histone modifications in mammals. Mol Biol 
Evol. 29 (7), 1757-1767. 

Woo YH, Li WH. 2011. Gene clustering pattern, promoter architecture, and gene expression 
stability in eukaryotic genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(8):3306-11

Woo YH, Walker M, Churchill GA. 2010. Coordinated Expression Domains in Mammalian Genomes. 
PLoS One. 5(8):e12158.

Woo Y, Wright SM, Maas SA, Alley TL, Caddle LB, Kamdar S, Affourtit J, Foreman O, Akeson EC, 
Shaffer D, Bronson RT, Morse HC 3rd, Roopenian D, Mills KD. 2007. The nonhomologous end 
joining factor Artemis suppresses multi-tissue tumor formation and prevents loss of heterozygosity. 
Oncogene. 26(41):6010-20.

Woo Y, Krueger W, Kaur A, Churchill G. 2005. Experimental design for three-color and four-color 
gene expression microarrays. Bioinformatics. 21 Suppl 1:i459-67.

Woo Y, Affourtit J, Daigle S, Viale A, Johnson K, Naggert J, Churchill G. 2004. A comparison of cDNA, 
oligonucleotide, and Affymetrix GeneChip gene expression microarray platforms. J Biomol Tech. 


​2009 Ph.D. in Functional Genomics, University of Maine, Orono, ME

​Thesis: Characterizing the Dynamics of Genome Evolution during Tumorigenesis

Advisers: Gary A. Churchill, Ph.D. and Kevin D. Mills, Ph.D.

Defense Date: February 11th, 2009.

Graduation Date: May 9th, 2009.

2001 M.S. Pharmaceutics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2001 M.A. Applied Statistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

1998 B.S. Pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA