Chakkiath Antony

Postdoctoral Fellows

Now at Red Sea Research Center


Research Interests

​My research is focused on applying shotgun metagenomics and metatranscriptomics in identifying the evolutionary divergences and convergences in the metabolism of host-associated bacteria (i.e., pathogens/symbionts) and their free-living relatives. I'm also using such 'omics'-based approaches for the identification of pathogens in clinical scenarios. I'm additionally interested in exploiting metabolic reconstructions from 'omics' as well as cultivation-based techniques to shed light on bacterial physiology in clinical and non-clinical environments.


  • M.Sc. Bi­o­tech­no­logy, Cochin Uni­versity of Sci­ence & Tech­no­logy (CUSAT), Ko­chi, In­dia, 2007
  • Ph.D. Bi­o­tech­no­logy, Na­tional Centre for Cell Sci­ence (NCCS), Uni­versity of Pune, Pune, In­dia, 2013

Research Interests Keywords

Microbial metagenomics & metatranscriptomics Pathogen discovery Bacterial physiology