The primary focus of the Microbial Genomics Laboratory is to use high-throughput sequencing and other functional genomic technologies to understand the biology and genomic diversity of a few parasitic protists and bacteria with significant impact on human and animal health. Genome and transcriptome sequencing of these organisms is a critical first step towards our understanding of how these organisms grow and thrive in a susceptible host and in other environments.   A better understanding of their biology could eventually lead to the development of new intervention strategies.

Within this program, a combination of high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing-based methods, coupled with functional genomics and bioinformatics tools are being used to answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What is the genetic make-up of a pathogen?
  • What makes an organism pathogenic?
  • How a pathogen varies in natural populations?
  • How a pathogen interacts with its host?

Latest News

05 February, 2023

Welcome to Lamiae Boualla!

We are excited to welcome Lamiae Boualla as our new Lab Manager! Originally from Morocco, Lamiae brings a wealth of experience in genomics to our team.

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01 November, 2022

Welcome to a new PhD Student!

Welcome to Di Liu! Di has a great passion for CRISPR. He will apply his talents to study the causative agent of malaria - Plasmodium. Wishing you good luck on your new journey!

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23 May, 2021

Welcome to our three new PhD students!

Mohammad Malaika, Chang Li and Sara Mfarrej welcome to Pathogen Genomics Lab! Have a great journey ahead of you!

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