Salama Al Hamidhi

Visiting Students

​Visiting Student


Research Interests

​My research interest is in the field of genetics and genomics of Apicomplexan parasites, in particular the human malaria parasites Plasmodium falciparum and the livestock parasite Theileria lestoquardi and T. annulata. I am interested in studies on population genetic structure and evolution of drug resistance.

Selected Publications

  • ​Salama Al-Hamidhi, et al. (2015) Genetic diversity and population structure of Theileria annulata in Oman. PLOS ONE
  • Bakhiet AM, Abdel-Muhsin AM, Elzaki SE, Al-Hashami Z, Albarwani HS, AlQamashoui BA, Al-Hamidhi S, et al. (2015).The effect of a decade of artemisinin-based combination therapy and intense control measures on Plasmodium falciparumpopulation genetic structure in Sudan. Acta Tropica, 148:97-104
  • Salama Al-Hamidhi, et al. (2014). The prospect of malaria elimination in the Arabian Peninsula: a population genetic approach. Infection, Genetics and Evolution.
  • Al-Hamidhi S, et al.  (2013).Genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum and distribution of drug resistance haplotypes in Yemen. Malar J., 15;12(1):244​


  • ​Master’s degree in Medical microbiology, Sultan Qaboos university, Oman, 2012.
  • Bachelor degree in Medical laboratory science, Sultan Qaboos university,Oman, 2010​.

Research Interests Keywords

Genomics Infectious diseases Molecular Biology Statistical genetics