Sharif Hala

Consultant Research Scientists


Research Interests

​My background is mainly focused on molecular biology, regenerative medicine, infection control combined with an expertise in confocal microscopy bio-imaging. I am interested in using DNA/RNA sequencing and bioinformatics to study the impact and involvement of microorganisms in cancer patients. 
Currently, my project is focused on collecting, analyzing and sequencing air samples from various parts of the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah. This combined with metagenomic analysis of patients blood samples will aid in the identification of infectious agents and might be considered a diagnostic tool.​


  • BSc. Molecular Biology(2008) with Hons(2009) from University of Aberdeen.
  • MSc. Medical Molecular Genetics From University of Aberdeen, 2011. 
  • Three-year Training University of Oxford on Regenerative Medicine, 2011-2013. 
  • Three-year Research Assistant at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center-WR , Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs
  • PhD. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Research Interests Keywords

Molecular Biology Microbiology Statistical genetics Confocal imaging Regenerative medicine Infectious diseases