Yung Shwen Ho

Research Scientists

Now at Mark Tester group, KAUST


Research Interests

I am currently focusing 50% of my time on bioinformatic analysis of genome-scale datasets with particular focus on the disease vector Aedes aegypti, malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi and the halophyte Salicornia spp. My research interests include transcriptomics, genome assembly and visual analytics of biological datasets.

Selected Publications

  • P. Juneja., J. Osei-Poku,Y.S Ho. , C.V. Ariani, W.J. Palmer, A. Pain & F. M. Jiggins," Assembly of the genome of the disease vector Aedes aegypti onto a genetic linkage map allows mapping of genes affecting disease transmission." PL oS Negl Trop Dis  2014.
  • R.W. Moon., J. Hall., F. Rangkuti., Y.S. Ho., N. Almond., G.H. Mitchell., A. Pain., A. Holder., M.J. Blackman. “Adaptation of the genetically tractable malaria pathogen Plasmodium knowlesi to continuous culture in human erythrocytes.” PNAS 2012 
  • Y.S. Ho., S.A. Adroub., F. Aleisa., H. Mahmood., G. Othoum., F. Rashid., M. Zaher., A. Pain., A. Abdallah. “Complete Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium fortuitum subsp. fortuitum Type Strain DSM46621.” J. Bacteriol 2012
  • Y.S. Ho., S.A. Adroub., M. Abadi., A. Alwan., R. Alkhateeb., G. Gao., A. Ragab., S. Ali., V. Soolingen., W. Bitter.,  A.Pain., A. Abdallah. “Complete Genome Sequence of Mycobacterium vaccae Type Strain ATCC 25954.” J. Bacteriol 2012
  • *P.D. Yoo., *Y.S. Ho., J. Ng., M. Charleston., N.K. Saksena., P. Yang., A. Zomaya. “Hierarchical kernel mixture models for the prediction of AIDS disease progression using HIV structural gp120 Profiles.” BMC Genomics 2010. 

* co-first author


  • Ph.D. (Computational Biology), University of Sydney, Australia, 2010
  • MA ppSc. (Bioinformatics) (Research), University of Sydney, Australia, 2005
  • B.S. Hon 1st class (Computer Science), University of New South Wales, Australia, 2003

Research Interests Keywords

Bioinformatics Biological networks and interactions Genomics Plant biology & Desert agriculture